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“I have found a loving supportive community and a sense of belonging and so much joy. I feel fitter, friendlier, and more confident. I have also grown much in myself. I can shed the layers and return to my real self, find my flow and my stillness. The dance is also a very safe space for any emotional release anyone may be going through at the time. It is ok to laugh or to weep. It is such a gift and has really changed my life in such positive ways. Thank you”. Trace

“I feel like I have found a way to express myself through my body that is far more honest and pure than the other forms of physical expression I have had in the past. For the first time I feel like I own my physical expression and so I can really allow my inner being, my inner light and soul to shine through my physical being.”  Einat 

“For me it is a joyful deeply meditative experience. The dance is a spiritual journey for me.” David

“I have discovered a deeper sense of self acceptance, physical fitness, flexibility, ability to let go and have fun and not worry about what other people think, connection with and love for my body, acceptance of others, ability to share space and intimacy and trust with others, self discovery and several wonderful close friends.” Megan

“After I have been dancing it’s total opening my heart centre. I really feel connected with people. The dance allows me to be much more open and available at the end of it. I don’t feel I am so precious that I have to protect myself. I just feel connected and realise I am one and the many.” Kiera





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