5Rhythms Dance

Flowing (Earth)
Flowing is the rhythm of the feminine, of the earth, of the mother. We move in fluid continuous movements with no beginning or end.  We breathe in the world and allow the flow of our dance to unfold.



Staccato  (Fire)
Staccato is the rhythm of the masculine. We move with clarity and definition with linear percussive movements. It is the rhythm of the heart, our inner fire and aliveness. We follow the pulse of our heartbeat.



Chaos  (Water)
In the rhythm of chaos the feminine and masculine energies come together and we let go and surrender fully to our dance and the energy moving through us.  We empty ourselves completely into the dance. It is the rhythm of surrender and release.

Lyrical (Air)
In the rhythm of lyrical we let go of letting go.  After emptying ourselves in the rhythm of chaos, we cross the threshold and move beyond the ego into an expanded state of consciousness, the place of mystery and the unknown. We follow the flow of the dance moving through us with no effort. We are no longer moving but being moved. It is the rhythm of trance and ecstasy.

Stillness (Etheric)
In the rhythm of stillness we become the breath. We are the expanse. We are one with all. We allow our dance to rest in shapes that emerge from our soul.  We are the breath. We merge with the deep stillness and peace within us. We are home.   

“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.” Gabrielle Roth

5 rhythms is a movement meditation practise developed by Gabrielle Roth in USA. The technique leads us through a series of 5 basic rhythms - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, which together form a wave, mirroring and reflecting the way all energy moves and changes in the world. Rather than having steps to follow, each rhythm is a different energy field in which you find your own expression and choreography. Through following these rhythms we surrender to our own authentic way of moving, and become a flow of energy, moving into a larger dimension of ourselves, beyond the mind, personality and ego, awakening the spirit and soul. When we connect with our soul, we connect with our deepest essence and inner wisdom. The practise is very simple and accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and suitable for anyone who wants to rediscover the joy and freedom of dance that is within all of us. The practise also has the power to catalyse deep change, healing and transformation. The 5Rhythms are a spiritual practise and are the foundation of Gabrielle’s body of work. They are a series of healing maps for the body, heart, mind, soul and spirit that provide a path of self-awakening.

For more info about the work of Gabrielle Roth www.5rhythms.com


The 5Rhythms
Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness



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